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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sports Influence 2

Sports Influence 2
I’ve said it many times before, as long as you put forth your best effort, you can always be proud of your accomplishments.  It doesn’t matter if you walk away with the ultimate prize or end up second best.  Someone has to win and someone has to lose.
Last weekend Super Bowl Sunday had special meaning for me.  For the second time in 38 years the one team that has maintained my interest in the National Football League, the Seattle Seahawks were competing.  During the last two weeks of hype leading up to the Super Bowl, I was so strong in my support of the team that I knew we could walk away champions.  Just the same I told myself that there was a chance that we could end up second best, and I could live with it.
I invited family over to our home so that we could collectively lend our energy to our favorite team.  The family gathering alone made this event a winning situation.  This special day at our home was one of momentous jubilation even before the game started.  Our family gathering in itself was reason to be happy.  Plenty of food variety for everyone’s taste; definitely the best indoor tailgate party we have ever had. 
The fan base known as the 12 Man understand that our team is young and strong with only a handful of players entering and testing free agency next season and likely to move on.  Even the experts who have managed to ignore our team over the years are now comparing the Seahawks to the young Dallas Cowboys of the early 1990’s that went on to win 3 championships is short order.
Like many negative events in history where you will always know where you were when they happened, so will this championship.  Our family unit will always remember the time when our first championship was won and how we were all together enjoying our family unity in victory.
While there is a requirement to exercise good sportsmanship in victory as well as in defeat, there is no comparison to the feeling of being World Champions.  I hold a very strong respect for Peyton Manning and all his accomplishments, and very classy demeanor.  Go out and support your team because they depend on the fan base, besides, at least to date no one team is champion forever.  The best is yet to come…..

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