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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Gaggle of Girls

A favorite Hangout
  • A gaggle is a term for a flock of geese that is not in flight.
  • In terms of geese, a gaggle is equal to at least five geese.
  • In certain regions of The Netherlands, a gaggle can also refer to a group of adolescent females.
I was working in my office (home office), while keeping an eye on three of my granddaughters for a couple of hours.  As usual I have part of my mind concentration on the work I am doing and the other half tracking my granddaughters. The only time I worry is if they are not in the line of sight or when the house gets too quiet. 
On this occasion I was working and blocking out sounds until I couldn’t help but listen to the noise coming from the family room.  The sounds reminded me of a few times in spring and summer when I am out at the golf course chipping or putting on to or on the green and a bunch of geese grazing nearby interrupt my concentration. Each one of my three youngest granddaughters are very assertive, and each one will raise her voice to be heard over the others. You honestly can’t tell what the discussion is about or who is making the most sense.  Their ages are three, five, and seven.  Two are sisters, and the oldest one is their cousin.
They are a joy to look after, and I love each one equally.  Never a dull moment when I have them in my care.  Through the years I have re-acquainted myself with cartoons and children’s programing in general.  From Disney Jr., to Nickelodeon, and from Lazy Town to Sheriff Callie and everything else in-between, including the Mutant Ninja Turtles.  We spend time at the park playing foot races, and play equipment (swings, teeter totter, monkey bars, and slides), and can’t forget riding bicycles.  Sometimes the highlights of a day are the trips to Children’s Hands On Museum, Chuck E. Cheese, Charlie Safari, or Jumping Jacks.
I also transport them around, I am their care provider (not full time), chauffer, nutritionist, cook, activity director, homework helper, first aid attendant (EMT – Band-Aids only), and favorite grandpa; in no particular order.  I suppose that the one outstanding qualification for my present position is that I am retired, the second is that I love them more than life itself.
When I get a time for reflection, I think of how great it would be to see them off to college, and perhaps to be at their weddings.  Either way it is very reassuring to know that my DNA will go forth even long after I am gone, and the best part is that it will be in very capable hands.  The best is yet to come……

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