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Monday, April 28, 2014

Hi-Tech Society

Hi-Tech Society

We live in a society nearing perfection within the realm of hi-tech science.  A perfect crime can be committed on a random victim and the criminal can possibly get away with it but only if he doesn’t get caught on a surveillance camera, and if his or her DNA, and finger prints are not on file.  However, if the crime involves a homicide that person can still get caught 20 or thirty years down the road if evidence is collected at the scene of the crime, and later matched to newly recorded DNA and or finger prints.

With existing science a person can be caught simply from dropping chewing gum (chewed) on the sidewalk, or from a discarded empty plastic water bottle or pop can.  Even spiting on the sidewalk can be used to compare evidence DNA with a suspect.

I am still amazed at how a satellite image can show the cars on my driveway, at a given time, and even show someone Bar-B-Queuing in the back yard patio of anyone’s house.  At present the NSA can listen to our cell phone conversations and read our emails, how is it possible that we can’t track a Boeing Airliner, with over 200 passengers and crew on board.

  • (Reuters) - The chance of finding floating debris from a missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner has become highly unlikely, and a new phase of the search will focus on a far larger area of the Indian Ocean floor, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Monday.
  • The search effort for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which vanished while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8 with 239 people on board, has so far failed to turn up any trace of wreckage from the plane.
  • Given the amount of time that has elapsed, Abbott said that efforts would now shift away from the visual searches conducted by planes and ships and towards underwater equipment capable of scouring the ocean floor with sophisticated sensors.
  • He admitted, however, that it was possible nothing would ever be found of the jetliner.
  • "We will do everything we humanly can, everything we reasonably can, to solve this mystery," he told reporters in Canberra.

I thought that for all our advances of science and satellite technology, the days of Amelia Earhart were long gone.  My prayers go to the people related to and affected by the still missing passengers of Malaysia Flight 370.  I hold on to my faith and still feel that the best is yet to come….

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