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Monday, August 26, 2013

What If?

What If?
Have you ever pondered; What If?
For the record; I am very happy with my place in life and how I got here.  My life hasn’t always been a Rose Garden, and if it was, you can bet there were some Rose Bushes along the way.  Simply stated of the highs and lows in my life I’ve always focused on the highs, but definitely acknowledge the lows.  After all how else can you avoid the lows if you ignore them?
At some point in our lives we get to the end of the age spectrum, whatever that may be, I know some very sharp and productive 80 and 90 year olds, and I also know some very unhappy, ill and depressed 40 and 50 years olds.  Consequently end of age spectrum means different things to different people.  I am fortunate that health and longevity run in my family, but a semi-truck on the freeway doesn’t stop to ask how old the driver of a vehicle is before it runs it over.  There again actuaries tell us to avoid over exposure, in other words if you have no urgent business on the freeway or road, opt to stay home and spend quality family time with your loved ones.
My post this time around borders on being silly, but what if, it isn’t?  I remember many long and feared dreams (bordering on nightmares), where I was being chased by a killer or a man-eating animal, and it was so real, that I would wake up drenched in perspiration, just as I was cornered and about to be killed!  Only to find myself safely back in my bedroom, and bordering on being late to catch the school bus (junior high school age).  I also had some wonderful dreams where once again the dream was so real, I had won the State championship at my weight in wrestling, and was being offered a scholarship to my favorite university, only to be awakened by my mother to get up and perform my farm chores before I got ready for school. 
Each time during the dream or nightmare it was so real that if I didn’t wake up from a sleep, the outcome would have been a game changer.  Have you ever wondered, what if, the life we are living is a very long dream?  That in fact it could be an overnight experience that we will soon wake up from.  What if, my mother wakes me up, and I have to get ready because today is barely my going away to college day?  What if, no one wakes you up, but instead you wake up by yourself, and the first thing you notice is that you don’t have any aches and or pains.  When you go to shave, you look in the mirror, and you are barely 30 years old.  You go back in to the bedroom in disbelieve, and your beautiful young bride is still asleep.
No doubt this post could be a script for a very successful movie Franchise (with 7 sequels) that all the Baby Boomers would go see.  With that in mind I believe that I will wait to wake up until I am walking on the red carpet at the 5th sequel premier with my honey by my arm.  What if?  The best is yet to come….

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